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*Now accepting Restoration Work*

This pair, via the strings of a Strat or Les Paul, likely made awesome sounds back in '69-'70 and beyond. Somewhere along the way both head and cab have undergone some "fixes" and parts swaps that have left them sounding beneath their Best performance.

These pages will document my efforts to return them to their original state...

To preserve the original exterior of the head, it's restoration will be mainly an electronic one. I feel that the "used" (abused?) appearance of the head corresponds well with it's age and it will definitely add to the "vibe" once it is sounding good the exterior will be left "as is", at least for the time being.
The cab, on the other hand, is bare and road-weary and deserves to be nicely clothed! I hope to make it look and sound as close to "new" as possible.

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Parts Plea!
2-22-03 Board shop closed
until Mar.1,03
Model 1987 Amp & Model 1990 Cab
*amp signed by Mr. Marshall

Metal-panel 50w head (from '69)
atop 8x10 speaker cabinet(from'68)
No--it's not a Plexi !!

Need a vintage-style Turret Board
for Upgrading your Reissue Amp or that Special Amp Project?
Check out my Turret Boards Page

My Turret Boards will fit the new Chassis (jtm45-style)
available from Graydon Stuckey
and discussed on the JTM45 Group at
See Graydon's 45W Chassis

see the Turret Boards page for
♠♥ NEW Perforated Boards!♣♦

hard-to-find Revvo Casters

Correct Choke
(for '69 era)**
A very big

FOUND! NOS Cloth Tube Retainers!! These are still in plastic bags! Thanks to Peter Van Weelden

Pics of these parts
on the Photos page

Will pay $$ for good NOS parts
Please email with info

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