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****the BOARD SHOP is OPEN****

Note about my Material:
I originated the use of Red Fiberglass several years ago
to closely imitate the old brownish-red coloured
material used on tagboards of the past era.
Now, it seems others are selling it too!
Ask them how they came to use it ?????

(hidden subliminal message, haha
Get your turret boards from ME!

Turret Boards
for board replacements, upgrades to "reissue" Amps
or Building your own amp project...

All Boards are made by hand, one at a time, and feature true vintage-style '60's turrets and 1/8" Board material available in 2 different styles :

 "Plain" or "Perforated" to suit your preference

**NOTE** All boards can be drilled to fit the new 45W Chassis by Graydon Stuckey

"Loaded" Turret Board
Red 1/8" electrical-grade fiberglass, vintage-style layouts
Stuffed with modern components chosen to emulate their vintage counterparts
$145 (incl. US shipping)
New Perforated Red Fiberglass Board
 Perforated board, shown in Red Electrical-grade fiberglass. Perfect for restoring that old hacked circuit board in your vintage amp.


Bare (unloaded) Boards

My ~Original~ Red 1/8" Electrical-Grade Fiberglass 

Available as BARE BOARDS (turrets only)
**NOT perforated**, , includes shipping in US

Bare PERFORATED Boards are available also.
Please inquire for pricing and turnaround time.

Authentic '60's Style Turrets

The turrets used on my boards are true to the original, slotted-top turrets used on the tagboards of the past. Made of tinned Brass, they require the use of 1 watt resistors to correctly span the turret spacing. These turrets are easier to load than plain, hollow turrets.

Turret Board Installed
This is a Loaded Board that has been installed in a modern JTM45 reissue amplifier. The owner reports noticeable improvements over the printed circuit board! An added benefit is the ease in tweaking the circuit to suit individual tastes.

Photo courtesy Mike Robinson

For Details, Pricing Info or
Questions, Please Contact: