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The artist pictured below (Eric Johnson) is one of my main inspirations in learning to play guitar. Eric often uses Marshall 50watt amps, much like the one I'm restoring.

Austin City Limits Festival Photo courtesy of ~~Mr. Park Street~~

By the Way: If you're looking for ACTUAL PHOTOS of Eric Johnson (like the one below) taken Professionally, go to Eric's website(, where you'll find links to Park Street Photography (in Austin,Texas)

Information Galore!
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Weber VST good source for guitar and amp, speaker, tube, transformer, etc. INFO
Vintage Amps (Plexi Palace) Another great bulletin board, also host of Mojave Amps (California)
Yahoo! The home of both the 18Watt Group and the more recent JTM45 Group (do a search on Groups)

Amp Restoration Parts Marc Kuppens' site for rare NOS amp parts. Restorers ONLY Please! (Netherlands)

Marstrans (Brian Wallace) full of tech info on early JTM and JMP model amps. Check out Brian's custom Power Transformers spec'd for proper voltages.*** NEW! Brian also now features OT's and Chokes and sources accurate rewinds
***COMING SOON! Look for the new WALLACE Amps website (Michigan)

Graydon's 45W Pages see Graydon Stuckey's new 45W Chassis. My boards fit Graydon's chassis precisely. (Graydon is more widely known for his 18w amps.)(Michigan)

Stuart Castledine's Layouts (the "Green-Fuz" pages) Stuart Castledine's layouts are sweet! Also, follow his upgrade of a reissue Marshall JTM45 Amp. Stu also mods Wah pedals (UK)

House of Jim Jim Jones' site has Schematics,layouts, boards, pics galore--Jim is out-of-control! Lots of d-i-y info for tube guitar amp builders (Canada)

OEI (Obsolete Electronics) Joe Pampel makes transformers (very good ones) that will have your homebrew sounding great. Also has tech info (New York)

Reissue Amp Mods Everything you need to know to get your JTM45 or Bluesbreaker reissue amp sounding authentic (by various contributors)

Hoffman Amps Doug Hoffman has amp parts and Extremely Good Service. Also LOTS of schematics, layouts, diagrams and tech info! (North Carolina)

Building your own amp is not as intimidating as it once might have been, especially with the wealth of information available on the Web. One such group is the Yahoo "JTM45 Goup"

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Brit Audio Michael Wharton's awesome Hi-Fi items! Many "analog" items, including used & NOS GEC KT66 valves!
Excellent turntable supplies for your listening pleasure! (Pennsylvania)

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