A Work in Progress...
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Here are various photos of the Head and Cab
Prior to any Repairs/Work

**Click on the thumbnails for a better view!**

Model 1987 Marshall
Aluminum faceplate
Note the broken-off indicator lens cover
The lamp still works, luckily!

A good look inside the box.YIKES!
Output transformer and choke were
replaced with Schumacher pieces !
(Yes, as in FENDER!)

A new OEI 50w"Plexi" O. T .
should work wonders towards improving the sound of this amp.

Inside the Chassis
Closer inspection makes one wonder:
Just what's going on in here?!

A long parts search
Yielded this correct era Choke!

The ultimate MoJO!!
Cloth Tube Retainers!

Ciggy Burns!

Good old metal handles!

inside the Cab

One of only 2 remaining Celestion 10 watters
The other six need recones.

... the 8x10 cab as it appeared the '68 catalog

Rare parts found thus far: Original Logos (not repros!), Turrets for board repairs, slightly used Impedance Selector Switch (vintage "window" style) and
last but not least, NOS Mullard "Mustard" Caps!

Note: all parts are the correct replacements for missing or damaged items to ensure a worthwhile restoration...
Thanks to those who have assisted in finding these!

Another find...
Proper thick-bezel 6v
Square Red Indicator

Close-up of the Impedance values on the Selector
for those whose numbers have worn off

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