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"Small box" 50w & Model 1990 Cab History
The JMP metal panel 50 watt head is descended from the earlier "Plexi" heads, and shares nearly identical construction, including point-to-point wired circuit boards.The small box head has been out of production since about 1972, except for the reissued JTM 45, which also utilizes the small box, and also some "special edition" Marshalls that came later. At that time, Marshall standardized all 50w and 100w models into the larger head box size.

As for the model 1990 8x10 speaker cabinet, it was produced from 1967-72. Heavy-duty versions (model 2034) were made from '70-73, with 120 and 160-watt ratings. Also, several models were sized similar to the 1990, but were in fact 4x12 cabs.The 1990 was dropped in favor of the more popular 4x12 straight and angle cabs, which evolved with higher power ratings.

My head/cab Specifics
The head was purchased/traded for locally, and the Jim Marshall autograph is authentic (witnessed by my reputable dealer). While not "bad"-sounding, it does *not* possess the classic Marshall traits these amps are noted for. This is likely due to several reasons, notably the output transformer being non-original and not a correct replacement. Also the filter capacitors have "bubbled" on top and are noisy, indicating they should be replaced. Inside the chassis, numerous other small parts have been changed.

The cabinet, stripped bare and abused with "ciggy burns", was purchased in CA. and shipped to me. It currently only has 2 of the original 10-inch, 10-watt Celestion speakers inside. The remaining 6 speakers are made by Eminence. The casters and logo are long gone. On the plus side, the Basketweave grillcloth is free of holes. Despite its faults, the cab still sounds amazingly good!

Liner Notes
Thanks to everyone:
my Family (for tolerating the time I devote to amps & guitars); Mike,Ray,Alison (for web help);
friend and teacher Jeff Davis (the BEST player I actually know !) Ted McNicol in BC;
also countless others from the Internet-Abilio(in Portugal-thx for all of the correspondence,picts,parts),
Brian Wallace (Mr. "Marstrans"),
the Mason's @ VAbb (THE Internet BB for good info), Hamilton Barnard(component suggestions),
Randall Aiken (of Aiken Amps- Thanks for Much technical help), T.Weber(of Weber VST),
D.Hoffman (Hoffman Amps), J. Pampel(at OEI), JB in SLC,
Graydon Stuckey (the force behind the 18w Group @ Yahoo),
Mr. Stuart Castledine in the UK( for circuit layouts)
Mr. TGR in the UK (unbelievable assistance!)
Marc Kuppens, Netherlands
Peter Van Weelden, Netherlands
Mitch Colby, USA,
James Gulperin, UK and Mr. CN,also in the UK
and many more...

Thanks to Mr. Michael Doyle, author of The History of Marshall(our Bible).

~~~But most of all: Thanks to Mr. Jim Marshall, without whom none of this would ever be~~~

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